COVID-19 Rental Assistance Resources for Housing Providers

This page provides links to regional rental assistance programs and tools for housing providers. SCRHA does not administer any rental assistance programs, and we cannot directly assist during the application process or give updates on assistance applications.

  • COVID-19 ERAP Attestation Form: Use this form if you have been unable to verify income or obtain documentation from your resident and need to upload something in order to submit an application. It will also help you document your rental assistance-related efforts since under State Law, housing providers must demonstrate they made good faith efforts with regards to rental assistance in order to recover past-due rent.
  • SCRHA has created a customizable letter you may share with your residents when you have submitted a Rental Assistance application on their behalf. Use this letter to let them know they will be contacted by a local program and may need to provide more information or approve an application. The letter reminds them that Rental Assistance serves to help both parties. The letter also encourages communication between housing provider and resident. While the letter may be edited, we ask that you refrain from including anything that may be construed as threatening or harassment as this letter is designed to encourage cooperation and foster goodwill. Click here to download the letter. 

Emergency Rental Assistance Programs

City of San Diego

County of San Diego

Rental Assistance for Small Landlords (RASL)

Starting September 1, 2021, Rental Assistance for Small Landlords (RASL) will open for applications. This program aims to help small landlords that have not been able to access federal, state, or local financial assistance for loss of rental income. RASL is available to landlords that operate less than 5 rental units and have rental units that have at least 3 months of rental arrears. The County will compensate rental arrears accumulated from April 2020, for a maximum award amount of $15,000 per unit. RASL can also assist landlords that have been left with unpaid rent by former tenants during this period.

City of Chula Vista

Not sure which program applies to your property in the San Diego region? Click here for a map/search feature.

County of Riverside Rental Assistance

Imperial County Rental Assistance via State Program

Rental Assistance Programs in Imperial County

Help for homeowners and renters during the coronavirus national emergency from the Federal Government: 

List of Non-Profit, Charitable Organizations Offering Rental Assistance

Please note each organization have their separate eligibility requirements for their rental assistance or other assistance programs and may or may not have funding available.