Legislative Update - Victory - SB 1190 to be Amended

Posted by Molly Kirkland on Jun 29, 2020 1:32:34 PM

Victory - SB 1190 to be Amended
You did it! Your voice was heard by Senators. SB 1190 (Durazo) passed off the Senate floor but with the promise of amendments in the Assembly that will remove the ridiculous fines for violations of AB 1482, the Tenant Protection Act of 2019. Thank you to all those who wrote to their Senator!

SB 1190 began as a bill to expand the rights of tenants who are victims of crime. While SCRHA would like to see some of that language clarified for practicality, the main concern with the bill was the addition of language that would grant local prosecutors investigative and enforcement powers for AB 1482. It would have also included the awarding of restitution and fines up to $20,000 for violations of the act.

The amendments are not yet in print, but we are pleased with this development and will continue to work on the bill as it makes its way through the Assembly.

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