Rental Housing News Roundup



Catch up on the latest housing news from this week.

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  • Backyard shed listed for $1,050 a month sparks anger among renters and tenants
    Alan Pentico, SCRHA Executive Director speaks with KUSI on uproar over the backyard shed listed for rent at $1,050 a month. WATCH THE VIDEO

  • Making it in San Diego: City fee could be making rents higher in smaller units
    Developer Impact Fees levied by the City of San Diego have a disproportionate impact on rent for smaller units. LEARN MORE

    San Diego County Offering Free, Pre-Approved Housing Plans For Granny Flats
    San Diego County released two permit-ready floor plans for granny flats. LEARN MORE

  • What should happen to short-term rentals in Cathedral City? Residents weigh in at forum
    More than 100 people attended a forum about short-term vacation rentals in Cathedral City. LEARN MORE


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