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Online Learning with SCRHA


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With social distancing measures in full effect and many people working from home, we need strong leaders well versed in risk management and conflict resolution to help resolve issues between residents.

Your property management team is now likely to face unique challenges as residents live and work together under trying circumstances. As a member of SCRHA and NAA, you can access these online classes through Visto to increase your understanding of risk management and conflict resolution.


Stress Management
Conflict Resolution
Crisis Management 2: Emergency Preparation
Crisis Management 3: Response
Customer Relationship Management
Customer Service 1: Be Proactive
Customer Service 2: Be Professional
Customer Service 3: Be Prompt
Customer Service 4: Be Personal
Dealing with Difficult People
Emotional Intelligence 1: Understanding Emotions
Emotional Intelligence 2: Managing Emotions
Leadership Skills 1: Knowing Your Role
Leadership Skills 2: Talking the Talk
Leadership Skills 3: Walking the Walk
Risk Management 1: Risk Assessment
Risk Management 2: Protecting People