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Hi SCRHA Member,

Today is Wednesday, April 22, 2020. 

Status Report 
May is just around the corner. Many are expecting May to be the true test of this crisis in terms of rental payments. According to numerous polls, most residents nation-wide paid rent in April.

There is also an effort by some tenant and social groups calling for a rent strike. 

Our lobbying firm in Sacramento has informed us that the legislature is looking to reconvene in early May. While hearings will be limited, we expect that bills like AB 828 and others related to the current crisis will be heard. If you haven’t made your voice heard, take action now.  

Action Alert on AB 828! 

Click here to read the Opinion piece about AB 828. 

Government Assessing the Situation and Building Plan 
Government is beginning to look at how we can re-open businesses. Governor Newsom announced the Task Force on Business and Jobs Recovery. The County of San Diego and the City of San Diego have formed an advisory group to help craft the plans for opening businesses, parks and more. The County of San Diego also approved a Small Business Loan Program.  

Make Your Voice Heard 
Many elected officials and organizations have created surveys to determine needs for relief during and as we come out of the crisis. 

While some surveys may be time consuming, your voice needs to be heard now to ensure that government is considering your needs at this time and not just those of others. Please answer ALL the surveys that apply to you. 

Preparing for May 
Last month, SCRHA encouraged the industry to assess the situation early. Again, we encourage you to reach out early and start discussions with your tenants for May. You know from last month which tenants were not able to pay. It is likely they will not be able to pay in May and more could join them.  

You want to determine if they can make May rent payments and consider options for those that cannot whether it is payment plans, late fee forgiveness, grants, etc. Determine your plan of action now.  

Communicating with Residents Regarding Rent Payment Situation 
Because of the differences in the Moratorium Regulations, the SCRHA has not been able to create a sample letter for you to use when communicating to residents about rent payments. Instead, we encourage you to reach out to residents proactively and assess their situation. Here is some sample language that might help, particularly in conjunction with Form 298 mentioned below.  

Sample Language:  If you have experienced a job layoff or business slowdown that has impacted your family’s income due to COVID-19 pandemic and cannot pay your rent in accordance with the terms of your Rental Agreement, please notify the rental office of your circumstances prior to your due date, but no later the seven days after it. We cannot forgive any rent due, but we will work in good faith with you. We encourage you to pay what you are able, and we will ask you to sign a Payment Agreement outlining how you will pay the balance of the rent. You will need to provide proof that your circumstance relates to the COVID-19 pandemic to the rental office at some point, so we suggest that you gather that information as well (pay stubs, bank statements, notices of layoff or furlough, etc.). 

Forms and FAQs 
Don’t forget that the SCRHA has created several forms to assist you in this process, specifically: 

You may also find Form 380 Payment Plan Agreement helpful as well, which can be found in our forms library once you log into our member portal.  

As our members access the Frequently Asked Questions and get requests from residents, they have been reaching out to our Operational Advisers with more questions. We have been adding new questions/answers to the FAQs, so check back often for added information. 

Member Survey 
To assist the SCRHA in representing your viewpoints on the COVID-19 crisis, please take the time to respond to our surveys. We will repeat the two surveys we sent out last month; COVID-19 Impact Survey (3.28.2020) and Rent Moratorium Survey (4.8.2020) in the coming days, same days this month. Please watch for those and complete them promptly.  

Moratorium Regulations  
Many cities and counties have adopted emergency ordinances with regard to COVID-19 in our service area. You can find links to those resources on the COVID-19 Resource page. Local ordinances, for the most part, supersede the Governor’s new Order Adopted 3-27-2020. Make sure you refer to the moratorium regulations for the jurisdiction where your property is located. A chart of moratoriums as well as links to the various ordinances are available on the COVID-19 Resources page.  

Social Media  
Don’t forget to follow us Twitter and Facebook for updates. Encourage your industry colleagues and team members to do the same. Twitters has been a hot bed of information from governments as well. 

If you have a question we have not answered, please email us at and we will do our best to get an answer and post it to the site. Critical reviews are welcome so that we may ensure we are providing the essential information you need to be successful. 

Pass it Along 
If you know someone in the industry that is not a member of the SCRHA but would benefit from this information, please forward this along and, of course, encourage them to join


Alan Pentico  
Executive Director